Exterior Design

This is a medium-duty truck with a significant on-road presence. Its striking exterior design is a combination of bold, purposeful and dynamic hard lines, which has clear lineage to Foton’s flagship heavy duty truck, the Auman EST-A.

The front grille design utilises a segmented honeycomb, with the outer sides of the grille surrounded by silver decorative bars. The top column is inlaid with the chrome plated Foton diamond logo, and the overall appearance presents the ‘Foton shield’ structure. Both sides of the Foton shield structure are provided with ‘diversional trenches’.

Aerodynamic side-mounted aerofoils dominate the mid-front section of the cab. These not only provide a distinctive European look but have been designed to supply a more efficient airflow around the lower front of the Auman EST-M’s cab: design that combines aesthetics with function.

Interior Design

The Auman EST-M adopts a wrap-around type console. The spacious ergonomic design places the driver firmly at the command centre. Controls are positioned in a logical, easy and clean lay-out, designed to enhance the ‘man-machine’ interface, resulting in greater driving pleasure and control.

An 8-way air suspension driver’s seat and 2-way adjustable steering column provide the driver with a range of comfort options.


One name that needs no introduction: Cummins. Cummins wrote the book on high-performance diesel engines. Their legendary serviceability, reliability and durability are guaranteed.

The Auman EST-M is powered by the latest generation Cummins ISF 4.5l engine, which provides 157kW of power and 760Nm of torque. Turbocharged and intercooled with a Bosch fuel injection system, this engine provides the Auman with a premium powertrain that’s not normally found on medium-duty trucks.

Coupled to the Cummins ISF 4.5l engine is the ZF 6S1000 6 speed manual transmission. ZF is a global leader in truck transmissions and this component is the perfect partner for optimising the Cummins ISF 4.5l engine.

Enhanced Visibility

Six exterior mirrors ensure the driver has maximum visibility. The main mirrors are electronically controlled, allowing you to select the optimum position. Heated mirrors ensure visibility in winter conditions.

LED Daytime Running Lights allow you to be more visible to other road users. Generous glass areas (including rear-view window) provide class-leading visibility for the driver.

Warranty Overview

  • Manufacturers Vehicle Warranty of 3 years or 200,000km
  • Job Ready Vehicle Warranty of 1 year or 20,000km

Technology & Performance

ZF Steering

Steering gears and pumps play a fundamental role in safety, so ZF’s rigorous quality and testing processes ensure that we never compromise on it. This is also the reason why truck steering systems require regular checks.

The ZF steering box ensures that the Auman EST-M provides an enhanced level of handling and feel for the driver, to a level not normally associated with competitor offerings.

Intake System

The Auman EST-M comes standard with a Cummins integrated High Position Intake system and the Cummins AdBlue system.

Battery Isolating Switch

If ever required, the Battery Isolation Switch is designed to safely isolate the vehicle’s batteries and will ensure reliable performance when the vehicle is operating.

Reverse Camera

In addition to the 6-exterior mirrors, the Auman EST-M comes with a reverse camera as standard, offering another viewpoint for the driver when reversing.

LED Daytime Running Lights

LED Daytime Running Lights allow you to be more visible to other road users. The headlight height is also adjustable from the cab.

Alloy Fuel & Air Tanks

Lighter and corrosion resistant, aluminium is one of the primary materials used for weight reduction. Many truck manufacturers overlook the opportunity to reduce weight in the fuel tanks due to the higher price tag. At Foton, all our trucks come with alloy fuels tanks as standard specification.

The Auman EST-M is also equipped with aluminium air tanks as standard. The customer benefit is a reduced weight and better protection from the elements than a comparable steel tank.

Comfort & Convenience

Steering Wheel Controls

At the driver’s fingertips are cruise control audio and Bluetooth controls, allowing the driver to remain focused on the road ahead.

Entry Step

The standard step downlighting makes night-time entry and exit much safer. Anti-slip tread plates ensure maximum grip for occupants in all weather and terrain conditions. Two wide and well-placed entry steps also ensure safe entry and exit.

Foton Auman’s entry step is designed for drivers who spend a lot of time entering and exiting the vehicle. Importantly, drivers are provided with 3 points of contact when they enter or exit from the cab, to optimise driver safety.

90⁰ Opening Doors

Working in harmony with the Auman’s illuminated entry steps are the 90⁰ opening doors which provide occupants with easy and safe ingress and egress from the cab.

Daily Checks

The Auman makes the daily check routine safe and easy for drivers. The Auman’s front mask can be opened with ease, making the daily check routine safe and easy for drivers.

A Place For Everything

Nearly everywhere the eye can see (above the windscreen, in the doors, in the dash, between the seats and behind the seats) are functional storage options. This allows you to keep the inside of the Auman neat and tidy, which provides fewer driver distractions and a safer environment.

Cab Tilt

The cab has a power tilt mechanism as standard, which allows effortless tilting of the cab and the 55⁰ tilt provides class leading access to the Cummins ISF engine.

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