ZF 6 Speed Automatic Tunland – NOW HERE

ZF 6 Speed Automatic Tunland – NOW HERE

Industry leading, ZF 6-speed automatic is now available in Tunland

The hotly anticipated Foton Tunland automatic is now here.

Fitted with a ZF 6-speed transmission, the automatic Tunland features improved shifting quality and driving comfort while providing a smoother, livelier power delivery.

Adaptive Shifting Strategy: Intelligent transmission control

The ZF transmission features Adaptive Shifting Strategy (ASIS). This function allows the transmission to analyse individual driving style and the driving situation, automatically determining the correct gear for the conditions. By driving in the right gear, significant potentials for saving fuel are created. ASIS also initiates the perfect shifting moment to further reduce fuel consumption and to create a smooth, comfortable ride. Drivers experience a transmission that permanently reacts to the driving situation, whether it is easy cruising or high-speed passing, the ZF masters the shift – every time.

Driver Command System

The automatic Tunland boasts the ZF second-generation 6-speed automatic transmission (6HP21) that combines agility and driving dynamics with comfort. The ZF transmission allows the engine to spend more time at its optimum operating speed while reducing the impact of a gear change, thus reducing lurch between changes. Shifts are made beneath the level of human perception, in fewer than 100miliseconds, resulting in significantly reduced reaction times and uninterrupted power delivery.

The latest generation ZF automatic transmission (6HP21) operates five modes:

  1. Economy
  2. Sport
  3. Winter
  4. Drive
  5. Active Gear Select (AGS) a driver initiated up and down shift.



The enhanced torque converter design in the 6HP21 dramatically closes the fuel efficiency gap between automatic and manual transmissions. When at standstill, the torque converter disengages completely, reducing the amount of energy lost to transmission fluid. The engine spends more time directly connected to the wheels (like a manual) and less time dispelling unnecessary energy in the torque converter fluid. A typical torque converter has 80-80% efficiency, but the ZF achieves up to 92%.


Advantages of a ZF transmission

  • More power; less fuel consumption. Fuel use reductions of 3-6 percent compared to the first generation transmission.
  • Better acceleration values through significantly reduced reaction times.
  • Optimized torque converter design.
  • 6HP21 features ‘life time’ oil fill meaning it does not require any scheduled maintenance whatsoever.
  • Stand-by-control – the torque converter decoupling prevents unnecessary vibrations and reduces fuel consumption in moments of stand-still.
  • ASIS shifting strategy that analyses personal driving style and the driving situation to recognise optimal shifting moments.


When the ZF transmission is coupled with the Cummins 2.8L ISF engine, driveability is significantly enhanced with livelier and more refined performance, and gear shifts that are incredibly smooth. The ZF transmission in the Tunland provides drivers with the reassurance of a high quality, class-leading 6 speed automatic transmission.


Who are ZF?

Based in Germany, ZF are a global leader in drive-line and chassis technology. They’ve supplied multiple well known vehicle manufacturers including BMW, Mercedes Benz, Maserati, Aston Martin, Land Rover, Range Rover and more. The company also makes automatic and manual transmissions for aircraft and marine vessels.