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“Not only is the cabin a comfortable and very pleasant place to be, the Tunland is an involving, and yes I’d even go as far as saying, a rewarding vehicle to drive. If it reminds me of anything, it is the first of the latest generation of Holden Colorados. But with nicer steering and way better (not as much scuttle shake and far more compliant) ride. Gearing is pretty much perfect (and that’s not a call I have made in many road tests!)” Click here to read the full review

– Company Vehicle.co.nz


“Off road the Foton took on every challenge we threw at the ‘double the price utes’ and it was able to hold its own comfortably. Fuel economy wise, it was also very friendly. 1/4 of a tank and 300 kms is impressive. Get the ute you need for the farm and have an extra $30K in your pocket for other goodies and if you still want to spend $60K on a ute, then my advice would be to go and buy two Fotons.”

– The Rural.co.nz


“The Tunland is a real surprise package on the road – it is obviously a ute, but its ride and handling are surprisingly refined. Very settled rear end, even over seriously broken road surfaces. Feels surefooted and secure.”

 – Oversteer.co.nz


“There was a moment during my week with the Foton Tunland 4×4 where I realised, that if I’d driven down the road with a blind fold on, I could momentarily be forgiven for believing I was behind the wheel of a current generation Toyota Hilux, because the noise of the engine, the power delivery, the feel of the transmission shift, and the steering feel and ride quality were very similar if not damned near identical.”

– Wheeltalk.co.nz


“Push the Tunland along and the vehicle’s handling is impressive. Utes can appear to bounce their way down the road, especially when empty, but this vehicle feels very balanced and its high stance is never apparent.”

 – Stuff.co.nz Motoring


“I’ve had my Tunland for 3 years and haven’t had one problem with it. It has been in some pretty extreme places…I have even used my Tunland to pull an 8 wheeler stock truck!.”

– Ahitoro Hough


“It’s a great looking ute. It is big and solid – I definitely wasn’t expecting this, I was expecting something small and clunky and that it would not quite stack up to the competition – I was wrong.”

– Ido drent


“You cannot complain about the power or the credentials of its Cummins power plant which has strong pulling power throughout the rev range with very little turbo lag.”



“The cabin features decent levels of fit and finish, with tight and consistent panel and plastic gaps that are better than some of the dearer utes we’ve driven. Occupant space is impressive too with enough room for a six-foot-tall driver and rear passenger. Back seat head-space is excellent, and while the bench seat means those in the rear will have their knees up, there’s enough room to do so.”

– Caradvice.com.au


“This latest-gen Tunland is a well built and well priced dual-cab ute with a bloody good Cummins turbo-diesel engine and a stack of other top-quality components thrown in for good measure.”

– Carsguide.com.au