Foton backing #teamgilLEEan in fun Facebook spat with ZM’s Vaughan Smith

We had a bit of fun on our Foton New Zealand Facebook page with a light-hearted battle between ZM Radio’s Vaughan Smith and his two friends, Gillian and Lee Parkinson.

Vaughan tagged his friends into a post on our Facebook page where he alluded to an inside joke that confused the Foton brand name with the Futon fold down sofas. Gillian and Lee, being Tunland owners and passionate Foton fans, immediately shot Vaughan down and jumped in to defend their ute – and that’s when the fun really began.

We decided to get involved by posting a series of mocked-up t-shirts with phrases backing Gillian and Lee, ending with a heart-shaped Foton logo declaring Fotons love for the couple. Vaughan fought back, but only managed to escalate the banter, with Gillian and Lee providing a staunch defence, and this is when we started the #teamgilLEEan hashtag with a “beard & beanie” graphic alluding to Vaughan’s trademark look.

It didn’t end there.  We thought we would get some backup from a Kiwi rugby legend and proud Tunland driver – Liam Messam, our Brand Ambassador. We made a video with Liam holding a #teamgilLEEan sign and calling out Mr Smith for his lack of respect for the Foton brand.

The fun online “beef” moved on to the airways on the Fletch, Vaughan and Meghan show on ZM radio with Vaughan being left high and dry in his attempt to get Ford NZ involved as he claimed Ford and himself were “close”.

Other Tunland owners have been joining in the fun on ZM’s FVM International podcast page on Facebook where all the after show action happens.

Have a look at our Facebook page to get up to speed with the #teamgilLEEan saga.

Or check out the fun on Fletch, Vaughan and Megan’s page.

Here is the full recording of the live ZM Radio segment in case you missed it –